Green Technology

Environment, Social Responsibility and Corporate Governance

Digital twin technology is exerting a wide-ranging and far-reaching impact on society and economy. Being open and inclusive, 51WORLD is willing to work with various industrial partners, associations, research institutes, non-governmental organizations and other stakeholders, to jointly build an intelligent industry with digital twin technology. We are dedicated to conserving the energy and exploring the applications of low-carbon technologies, to contribute to the sustainable development of society.

The 51WORLD digital twin technology and platform have been applied in nearly 1,000 government institutions and enterprises in more than 100 cities, covering a slew of industries such as smart cities, parks, transportation, water affairs, ports, energy, and factories.

Smart City

Empowered by a closed-loop system of urban data, the digital twin city operating system presents the elements in a digitized, virtualized and real-time fashion, which fully maps the real city and enables refined management of the city.

Smart Park

The digital twin park platform provides a new impetus for digital transformation for the pan-park industry, covering the entire life cycle from planning, marketing, displaying, constructing supervising, and property managing.

Smart Transportation

The digital twin cloud control platform, made for intelligent networked vehicles, facilitates comprehensive management of intelligent transportation to a great extent. It can achieve powerful human - vehicle - road - cloud coupling and data interconnection, and provide safe and reliable decisions for assisted or autonomous driving, therefore improving safety and traffic efficiency.

Smart Water

The digital twin water platform assists the administrating of the natural water systems and urban water pipe networks in one scenario in terms of ecological governance, water conservancy facilities, and urban water supply and drainage.

Smart Port

Integrating data of production and operation, the digital twin port platform constructs a smart port that covers the entire life cycle of operation and management. By reproducing the past, present, and future for elements such as equipment, vehicles, and cargo, it facilitates the reviewing, operating and rehearsing of the port business, thus optimizing port production.

Smart Power

Covering the entire life cycle of energy management, the integrated platform of digital twin energy helps upgrade the power industry with big data and intelligent technologies. It optimizes assets distribution, facilitates quality control, and improves economic and social benefits.

Smart Factory

Supported by all-element scenarios and smart interconnection, the platform makes a digital twin of all the elements of the factory, in which the entire process from designing to manufacturing is digitalized, thus enhancing efficiency and effectiveness to a greater extent.




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