Business Ethics

Environment, Social Responsibility and Corporate Governance

51WORLD prioritizes the construction of business ethics that follow relevant laws and regulations. In reference to laws, regulations and standards from all over the world, 51WORLD sets up its own business ethics system and revises in accordance with the company's own business characteristics. It strictly complies with laws and legislations on business ethics such as the Anti-Monopoly Law, the Anti-Unfair Competition Law and the Interim Provisions on Banning Commercial Bribery, as well as the Company Law items that deal with business ethics, in order to create a sound business market environment.

Business Ethics System

51WORLD establishes a business ethics system that values integrity, honesty and credibility. It organizes trainings to implement the ethics code and encourage fact-based whistleblowing. The company strictly abides by the acknowledged ethics standards, scrupulously fulfils its social responsibilities and showcases the positive effects of science and technology. It will not develop or use technologies that endanger the environment, life, health of the people and public safety. R&D or operations that infringe on the basic rights of individuals or harm the public interest of society are prohibited. 51WORLD adopts a prudent and responsible attitude in developing technologies in the fields of life sciences, artificial intelligence, information and environment.

Integrity System Construction

51WORLD has now formed an institutional system based on the Integrity Agreement and other documents covering business ethics like honesty, loyalty and frauds. The Integrity Agreement clarifies that employees need to abide by the law and maintain a high level of integrity in terms of employee relations, anti-unfair competition, unjust benefits, and confidentiality of company information and property. Whistleblower protection policy is also included in the agreement. At the same time, items of detailed supplements and reiterations on business ethics are also included in the Employee Handbook.

Governance Structure of Business Ethics

Governance structure of business ethics of 51WORLD is consisted of the Board of Directors, the Audit Committee, and the Audit Department.

The company will impose corresponding penalties based on the severity of misconducts. 51WORLD adheres to a policy of zero tolerance to violations of the red-line activities in the Integrity Agreement and has the right to terminate the contract. For those suspected of violating the law, the company will send their cases to the judicial department. It will issue notifications, criticisms and warnings as appropriate for other violations. The advice on the handling of these misdeeds will be reached after extensive discussions between the Audit Department, legal affairs department and human resources, and shall be approved by the Audit Committee to ensure it is fair, just and effective.

Training and Promoting

The company has carried out a number of activities to raise employees’ awareness on business ethics. Professional ethics are reiterated in onboarding training for new employees, regular training for current employees, and training on particular topics. All training videos will be uploaded to the company's internal learning platform for employees to watch and learn at any time.


Whistleblowing is important to maintain the company's business ethics. 51WORLD does its best to maintain an unobstructed whistleblowing channel and keep its confidentiality. We encourage company employees and external personnel to inform on suspected violations of professional ethics in accordance with the Integrity Agreement. The informants can write us emails, letters or call the special phone line. At the same time, the company will stringently protect the safety of whistleblowers and keep the information confidential. Specified personnel are designated to receive, register and give feedbacks to the information from all channels, and are responsible for its confidentiality. We also offer bonuses to whistleblowers that can provide crucial information in revealing major violations.

Integrity Construction

51WORLD actively participates in credit evaluation and rating carried out by authorities, and relentlessly boosts the company's business integrity. It has obtained relevant certificates issued by Beijing Software and Information Service Industry Association, Beijing Zhongguancun High-tech Enterprises Association, and Beijing Enterprises Evaluation Association.




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