Talent Incentive

Environment, Social Responsibility and Corporate Governance

51WORLD always adheres to the A+ talent strategy and aspires to build an intelligent team. It conducts regular evaluation of employees, takes care of their wellbeing, guides works like training and promotion, and offers merit increase, rewards or privileges to high-performing employees.

51WORLD adopts a merit metrics system in human resources management, offering accurate and fair salaries for employees with different ranks, as well as long-, medium- and short-term incentive for outstanding performances. The quantity of short-term incentives and the frequencies of bonuses are adjusted accordingly, based on business development and employees’ contribution.

Aspiring to build a learning team, 51WORLD establishes a learning platform inside the company and organizes various training projects. We provide employees with an open and transparent platform that encourages continuous personal growth. Meanwhile, the company offers boundless and multi-professional career development, which favors cross-metric, cross-department and cross-professional exploration as well as in-depth learning.

The 51WORLD Future Star (FS) program aims to cultivate high-potential young talents in the company. The CEO would regularly mix with the young staff in various departments and give advices to trainees on career planning. The trainees will quickly grow into the company's A+ talents after 6 months of learning.




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