Caring for Employees

Environment, Social Responsibility and Corporate Governance

Equal Opportunities

51WORLD strictly abides by the Labor Law and Labor Contract Law of the People's Republic of China and other relevant laws and regulations, adheres to the principle of equal employment, and guarantees that employees are not discriminated against their races, religions, physical conditions, genders, sexual orientations, marital statuses or affiliated associations.

Employee Wellbeing

51WORLD always puts employees' health and safety first. We do our best to create a comfortable working environment for employees at different places, and constantly improve their dining conditions. Coffee breaks are held at each office location every week. Subsidized snacks are available at the vending machines. The company has established a series of clubs for physical exercises such as football, basketball and badminton, and regularly organizes sports competitions.

Employee Communication

Staff in 51WORLD has diversified channels to speak up their thoughts and suggestions. On the one hand, direct dialogues with their superiors are encouraged. On the other hand, we set up a website of Ask Me Anything (AMA), on which the employees can talk about the company’s policies and issues either by real names or anonymously, and the human resource team will timely check out and give feedbacks.




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