Governance Structure

Environment, Social Responsibility and Corporate Governance

51WORLD strictly abides by the Company Law of the People's Republic of China and other relevant laws and regulations. It has established a scientific and efficient corporate governance mechanism with clear responsibilities, rights and checks and balances.

General meeting of shareholders

General meeting of shareholders is a company organ that holds the highest power in the company that represents the interests of shareholders. It determines the company’s business policies and investment plans, elects and replaces directors, reviews and approves the work reports of the Board of Directors and the Board of Supervisors, and has the final say in the company’s major asset transactions.

Board of Directors

Board of Directors is a standing body of the company. It is a governing body that is elected by the stockholders and charged with overseeing a firm's general management to ensure that it is run to best serve the stockholders' interests. It is responsible for the company's development goals and decision-making on major business activities. There are four special committees under the company's Board of Directors, which are the Audit Committee, Strategies Committee, Nominations Committee, and Remuneration Committee. The diversified and balanced Board of Directors is composed of nine directors, of which 3 are independent directors, who have different backgrounds in gender, age, education, professional experience, etc. Aiming to safeguard the interests of the company as well as the stakeholders, the board provides independent opinions and views for the company’s scientific governance, and in charge of the company’s strategic direction, business development, and risk prevention.

Board of Supervisors

It is a standing body of the company to supervise the company's business activities. It is composed of both the supervisors recommended by the General Meeting of Shareholders and those elected the company's employees. The Board of Supervisors is entitled to check the financial affairs of the company and supervise the duty-related acts of the directors and senior managers.




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