51World Brand Upgrade Announcement 发布于2020-01-01

Dear 51VR customers and partners:


To keep up with the company's business growth and strategic expansion, we officially upgraded our brand name from 51VR to 51WORLD on December 18, 2019. A new brand logo was also adopted accordingly. From then on, the official website, WeChat, public information, publicity, etc. would use 51WORLD instead of 51VR.

51WORLD new logo as shown below:


This brand was renamed in line with our new step forward the automated simulation platform business, as well as SuperAPI's open ecology of empowering wide-ranging industry partners. On December 18, 2019, we unveiled the latest automated city-level all-element simulation platform at Earth Clone 3(EC3). The platform combined visual reality, geographic information, physical simulation and free interaction, aiming to upgrade operation, management, display, simulation, prediction, etc. in various industries. It officially marked that 51WORLD had evolved from virtual presentation (VR) to physical world reconstruction (digital twin). 


51WORLD is committed to creating the digital twin of all-element scenarios from Level 1 to Level 5 and the open ecology of SuperAPI is suitable for further development and application. L1-L5 all-element scenes, together with cloud platform and API, will be bound to contribute to more industries and customers. 


We are relentless in our pursuit of higher quality, maximized efficiency and minimized cost. At present, we have forged cooperation with many leading clients by launching a spectrum of efficiency-improving applications in areas of smart cities, smart sites, intelligent driving, smart transportation, real estate, ports, cultural tourism, campuses, logistics, bridges, and water services.


As the Chinese saying goes, never forget why you started, and your mission can be accomplished. Since our founding, we’ve always dedicated to creating a realistic, complete and enduring virtual world, and aspired to make the real world more efficient, secure and beautiful. In the coming year, 51WORLD expects to boost productivity and innovation together with you in the digital twin era!


Thanks for your support.




January 1, 2020






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