Digital Twins Named As Key Technology for Digital Transformation, Same as 5G and AI, NDRC| New Infrastructure Focus 发布于2020-04-16


On April 10, China unveiled a plan on promoting the transformation of enterprises toward digitalization and intelligence by further expanding the application of cloud and data technologies. The plan, which was jointly released by the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) and the Cyberspace Administration of China, attached the same importance to digital twins as big data, AI and 5G. One chapter was especially devoted to digital twin innovation projects, in which the government suggested to engage all parties to participate in the digital twin solutions.

Vowing to accelerate the digitalization among small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), the plan expounded China’s path of economic digital transformation, which was of great significance for the industrial positioning of digital twin technology and charted the course of next-phase application.

How important are digital twins?

Wu Hao, the director of the Department of High-tech Industry of the NDRC, the core unit responsible for drafting the plan, stated in March that the digital economy was an important engine for economic growth and the industry should address the prevalent problems that some enterprises were incapable of, unable to or apprehensive of digital transformation.

Besides offering guideline for addressing these issues, the plan also outlined China’s economic digital transformation as efforts should be made to nurture new business models of the digital economy, foster supply chains of data and forge a digitalized whole-industrial-chain ecosystem.

Digital twins are promising in every aspect from production to operation, from enterprises, industries to clusters. Its huge scope in applications made it abreast of emerging technologies such as AI and 5G in the plan, which was also its highest-profile appearance.


▲51WORLD Digital Twin Smart Factory Operating System

The government and enterprises should accelerate the R & D and application of common and key technologies in digital transformation, explore the next-generation digital applications and integrated innovations such as big data, AI, cloud computing, digital twins, 5G, IoT, and blockchain among qualified industries and enterprises, support common development platforms, open-source communities, common solutions, basic hardware and software, and encourage open source development of relevant codes, standards and platforms.

Digital twins were listed along with well-known and widely applied technologies such as big data, AI, cloud computing, 5G, IoT, and blockchain. The NDRC also vowed to accelerate the R & D and application of common and key technologies in digital transformation.

The integrated innovation mentioned in the plan was also noteworthy. Digital transformation in many industries is a systemic problem and no technology is invincible at all times. The same is true of digital twins. An open, integrated and platform-oriented digital twin is the future direction of this industry.

The state is making more efforts to encourage cross-industry alliances among industry leaders and Internet enterprises, to establish a transformation service platform, cross-disciplinary technical research and industrial cooperation. This is what 51WORLD aims for──to further build a developer ecology and common development platform, and it is also how the company assists in the digital transformation of industrial partners with its all-element scenario.


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Digital twin solutions raised on the agenda

The ultimate goal of technology is to solve real problems and the NDRC’s recent work initiatives emphasized formulating digital twin solutions. The state encourages various forms of innovation among research institutions and industry alliances, to engage all parties in the digital twin solutions to address the issues existing in digital infrastructure, common software and application scenarios faced by enterprises in digital transformation.

The plan aspires to promote the digital transformation of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), underlining the meshing empowerment of platform-based enterprises to SMEs. One the other side, platform-based enterprises themselves are in the constant process of digital upgrading and need cooperation with traditional enterprises.

51WORLD’s business layout echoes NDRC’s guideline in digital transformation. According to the NDRC, digital transformation imposes multiple hurdles in digital infrastructure, common software and application scenarios on enterprises. The government will set up a number of benchmark enterprises and engage the platform-based enterprises with SMEs to create typical application scenarios. Buttressed by 51WORLD’s cutting-edge all-element scenario, the full-fledged 51Developer Plan-51WDP helps industry integrators and developers share digital twin technology dividends and quickly sharpen their competitiveness with 51Cloud, 51SuperAPI and real-time editing platforms. On April 1, 51WORLD unveiled its 2020 spring digital twin applications in ten fields with its ecological partners to facilitate the construction of new infrastructure.


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Digital Twin Upgrade

The NDRC serves as the beacon of China’s economic development and its motions are undoubtedly the subjects of intense study and observation for the government, enterprises, the media, citizens, investors, domestic and foreign institutions. The upgrade of digital twins in the paper of the NDRC indicates that the government has realized the strategic importance of this emerging technology on the state level.

The NDRC revealed that the digital transformation ratio of China’s enterprises was about 25%, far lower than Europe’s 46% and the United States’ 54%. More than 55% of companies had not yet completed the digital transformation of their basic infrastructure. Of the 25% of enterprises engaging in digital transformation, most were involved in basic cloud service, and in-depth business of big data and intelligence was inadequate.

After unveiling the plan, the NDRC officials stressed that the digital transformation of the traditional industry should take account of current epidemic control and economic status, to nurture new development represented by the digital economy, and promote good practices across the country. The NDRC would further organize and implement pilot projects in the follow-up.

It is foreseeable that many projects on digital twin will be carried out in domestic research institutions and industry alliances. 51WORLD hopes to take this opportunity to provide better upgrade services to industries and customers in helping the country’s new economic strategy.






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