51WORLD Listed on KPMG’s 2019 China Leading AutoTech 50 发布于2020-04-23


KPMG China released the 2019 China Leading AutoTech 50 report on April 21 and 51WORLD was selected on the list for its autonomously developed 51Sim-One, China’ s first whole-module autonomous driving simulation test platform.

KPMG, one of the world’s four largest accounting firms, has rigorously conducted an in-depth analysis of non-listed automotive companies based on six core criteria, namely technology and business model innovation, financial strength, disruption to the traditional automotive industry, market acceptance, valuation, and capital market recognition, and team capabilities, to ensure a comprehensive and professional evaluation of the enterprises.

This authoritative report was released by a committee of over 50 KPMG partners and consultants. The evaluation process also involved one-year consultation with experts and executives of leading automotive companies, research institutes, and investors. 50 leading AutoTech companies were finally selected by the evaluation committee. Other renowned automotive tech companies like DiDi, Horizon Robotics, HESAI, SenseTime, UISEE, and TuSimple were also on the list.


▲The list of AutoTech 50

KPMG foresees that innovation in the automobile industry will be driven by the breakthrough and integration of digital technology. Therefore, connected platform, 5G, artificial intelligence, and digital twins will play a larger and larger role in the future. “The companies in the AutoTech 50 represent the future of the automotive industry and they will work together to reshape our future transportation and travel methods”, Norbert Meyring, Partner, Head of Automotive Sector at KPMG China, said.

51WORLD was selected as one of the 50 tech enterprises for its self-developed 51Sim-One. It was China’s first whole-module autonomous driving simulation test platform, resolving China’s dilemma of lacking the physical-level sensor simulation models.

51Sim-One made its debut at the end of 2018. The platform incorporated the simulation of the road environment, dynamic traffic flow and scene, multiple sensors and vehicle dynamics, as well as automated testing and cloud computing technologies, building a super-large virtual scene library and enabling large-scale simulation and testing in continuous traffic flow.

▲ automatically generate complex scenes

▲ Camera, lidar, millimeter-wave radar simulation model

Equipped with 51WORLD’s independently developed tools of static scene data editing and automated conversion, 51Sim-One can either convert a physical scene quickly into a highly realistic one by integrating various data of the real one or reconstruct a scene from scratch by rapidly applying the data in specified simulation software, providing a scenario-based simulation test environment and improving the development efficiency of autonomous driving algorithms.

▲ The dynamic traffic flow model

China’s automotive industry is entering a phase of rapid adjustment. In an ever-changing market environment, new technologies and models are triggering a profound transformation in the structure and ecology of this sector. As the construction of new infrastructure deepens, 51WORLD, with a more open attitude, will continue to increase investment in R & D and promote the development of domestic automotive technology together with industry partners.

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