All Free! 51WORLD Digital Twin Developer Platform WDP3.0 was Officially Released! 发布于2021-04-07

On April 7, 51WORLD released the latest digital twin developer platform WDP3.0, which provides an important help to promote the technology popularization and ecological construction of digital twin in all walks of life.

The press conference was held at AI TOWER, which is the latest R&D headquarters of 51WORLD in China and the landmark of Shanghai Science and technology.


Technology Popularization and Free Opening of Digital Twin Developer Platform

WDP 3.0, a new version of digital twin developer platform of 51WORLD, integrates and packages the key development tools of digital twin, which has strong universality and usability.

According to Li Yi, Founder and CEO of 51WORLD, WDP 3.0 has achieved three major upgrades. The first is the all-element scene template for rich industries. All-element scene (AES) is the core product of 51WORLD, which has the characteristics of large-scale generation, high-precision restoration and dynamic synchronization, and has been widely used in all walks of life. WDP3.0 has built-in 15 digital twin templates of different industries, covering more than 10 industrial scenes such as city, transportation, community, water, factory, port, power station, subway, etc. In the future, the template in WDP will continue to be updated and more industry scenes will be added to help more ecological partners complete the digital twin upgrade. Secondly, the tool chain on WDP3.0 platform gives developers the ability to build zero-code / low-code services. By simply dragging and clicking, users can quickly assemble business panels. It is worth mentioning that the platform also has built-in more than ten typical industry templates, users can call on this basis with one key, which greatly reduces the time cost of development from scratch.


Finally, relying on the powerful cloud service capability, WDP3.0 platform can realize the whole process and one-stop management of digital twin application development, release and management. Through the development platform, high-precision digital twin products can be demonstrated on the large screen of the exhibition hall, and can also be smoothly presented on mobile terminals such as mobile phones and Pads, which greatly improves the universality of digital twin technology. WDP3.0 also adapts the domestic software and hardware, which can be better compatible with the domestic development and application environment.

From now on, the community version of the above products will be fully open for free!

Accelerating the Integration of Digital Twin Industry Ecology

From the date of its birth, digital twin is a technology that pursues cooperation and collaboration. The National Development and Reform Commission and the Cyberspace Administration of China issued the “Implementation Plan on Promoting the “Cloud Based Digital Intelligence” Campaign and Cultivating the Development of a New Economy”, and proposed “focusing on the difficulties and pain points in the specialization of digital twins, and guiding all parties to participate in the solution of digital twin.”

As a digital twin platform company, 51WORLD has always been working with partners to create an industry application ecosystem, build tech-based ecology, and share digital twin dividends around its core capabilities.


CETC Digital Intelligence Technology Co., Ltd is a new generation of information infrastructure operator jointly funded by central enterprises, local state-owned assets and social capital in Shanghai. It has closed cooperation with 51WORLD in smart city, smart Park and other fields. Guan Jun Wei, Vice President of the company, said 51WORLDis a reliable digital twin partner with strong strength, outstanding ability and professional team. Founded by Academician Li Deren and Academician Gong Jianya in 1999, GeoStar is a leading enterprise in the field of geographic information in China. Huang Jinson, Senior Vice President of the company said that it will integrate technical products with 51WORLD through joint research and development, so as to deeply integrate professional geographic information system and digital twin technology. A domestic GPU chip design company, Moore Threads, known as the “Dream Team of China Chip”, also came to the scene. Dong Longfei, General Manager of the GPU Product Division of Moore Threads, pointed out that digital twin technology and the development of high-performance general-purpose computing power represented by GPU support each other and will become an important force in the development of digital China in the future.


Also present at the conference were well-known domestic companies such as Huawei and SenseTime, as well as foreign technology companies such as Unreal. 51WORLD’s vision is to clone the earth, which requires the participation of excellent developers and ecological partners from all over the world. 51WORLD is firmly committed to the platform strategy. On one hand, the company has maintained rapid growth over the years through the flywheel of product technology, platform ecology and customer value. On the other hand, as a cutting-edge and emerging technology, digital twin is in the key process of popularization and marketization. 51WORLD hopes to accelerate the development of digital twin technology and fully create its value through the way of open platform ecology. WDP3.0 is not only a development platform, but also an open world built by digital twin technology.

Brilliant Future, AI + Digital Twin Resonates Here

On the same day, 51WORLD R&D Headquarters officially settled in Shanghai Xuhui landmark building — AI TOWER.


Li Yi said that in recent years, the company has made continuous breakthroughs in the integration and innovation of digital twin technology, and constantly expanded in the fields of smart city, smart transportation, smart manufacturing and other industries. Among them, Shanghai R&D Headquarters undertakes important tasks of technology R&D and landing verification. For the growth and progress of 51WORLD, it is very important to choose an industrial headquarters with good innovation atmosphere and full cooperation mechanism. Settling in the AI TOWER is in line with the company’s long-term development needs. 51WORLD, as a benchmark enterprise in the field of digital twin in China, can strengthen exchanges and cooperation with local enterprises, jointly promote scientific and technological research and development, and seek new industrial opportunities.

“AI TOWER” is a business card for Xuhui District to build artificial intelligence highland. It is striving to build advanced artificial intelligence application experience place, top artificial intelligence industry display window and professional artificial intelligence enterprise service platform. After settling in, 51WORLD will actively integrate into the development of local science and technology industry and continue to make positive contributions to economic and social development.






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