51WORLD Digital Twin Technology Escorted “Chang’e” Home! 发布于2021-04-08

At 1:59 on December 17, 2020, chang’e-5 return module landed in the planned area of Siziwang Banner in Inner Mongolia, marking the successful completion of China’s first lunar sampling and return mission.

Chang’e-5 is a system project with the highest complexity and the largest technology span in China’s space field. It is of great significance to improve the level of space technology in China, improve the moon exploration system, carry out lunar scientific research, and organize the follow-up moon and interplanetary exploration missions.


In the return mission of Chang’e-5, 51WORLD, based on digital twin technology, developed Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Simulation Training System with strategic partner AeroFugia to help UAV train in multiple mission scenarios such as reconnaissance, emergency, patrol, search and rescue of return module, provide practical value such as post skill training, joint collaborative training and capability evaluation and assessment, and escort Chang’e and other manned spacecraft for rapid search and rescue.

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Unmanned Search in 20,000 Square Kilometers Faces Challenges

The XC25 UAV of AeroFugia performing this air-to-ground search mission needed to find the Chang’e-5 return module in an area of nearly 20,000 square kilometers., which was a great challenge to UAV performance and flight technology of the pilots.

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Through Simulation Training, UAV Became the “Sharp Eyes”

In order to achieve this requirement, 51WORLD combined digital twin technology with real-time simulation system, so that UAV performing search and rescue tasks can conduct scene simulation training in advance, including how to avoid spacecraft during search and capture of return module, so as to ensure that the photoelectric load of UAV can see the return process of return module, quickly lock and track the return module until landing and exiting the module, and effectively monitor and support the rear information throughout the process.

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The UAV Simulation Training System is a multi-node joint real-time simulation system suitable for simulating the real-time search and rescue environment. It can complete the UAV task planning, flight control and load control under the condition of semi-physical simulation, so as to ensure the consistency of the combat and training; And it can simulate environmental factors to carry out emergency operation drill, so as to avoid panic in actual combat and deal with them in an orderly manner.

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