Join Earth Clone 5, turn a new page of digital twin PaaS new generation! 发布于2021-07-02

In 2017, an ambitious “Earth Clone” (Earth Clone) was officially launched and became the most well-known label of 51WORLD. The seemingly impossible dream has been going on for five years now.

From September 17 to 18, 2021, Shanghai, the Earth Clone5 (EC5)“Open Platform, Open World” will arrive as scheduled.


At this grand annual digital twin industry summit, we will release a new generation of digital PaaS platform WDP 4.0, which represents: Open to All! User Generated! Zero Code!

Five highlights of EC5

01 Benchmark of digital twin industry technology

As the Benchmark of digital twin industry, EC5 has prepared 2 days 10+ Industry and Technology Forum, with nearly 100 professional topics in-depth sharing, and nearly 3000 professional audiences covering the hottest topics of common concern in digital twin city, CIM standard, intelligent factory, real-time 3D China, real-time rendering, simulation, cloud original engine, localization ecology, meta-universe and other industries.


02 Three inovations of Digital Twin PaaS platform

Open to All: from spatiotempora data import, scene generation editing, API customization, code-free front-end development, and then to cross-platform deployment… fully control the digital twin application development process.

User Generated: massive GIS/BIM/OSGB and other spatiotemporal data makes the processing data lightweight, structured and multi-source integrated.

Zero Code: lower the technical threshold, in order to meet the development needs of various industries, the central purpose is to serve more developers.

Beyond imagination! We will announce the first phase of the open source plan at EC5 that we sincerely invite everyone to build a new digital twin ecology together.

03 Digital twin technology and application ecological panoramic

We will invite benchmark developers, spatiotemporal data service providers, head system integrators, top technology enterprises in the world, etc. to show their latest and coolest digital twin development achievements, bring all kinds of overall solutions, and focus on the digital twin technology ecology such as cloud, chip, computing power, data, blockchain, etc.


The exhibition area will show their outstanding works at the same time.You can see in-depth industry application cases as well as derive inspiration and experience from them. It cannot be ignored that all products and technologies on EC5 can be experienced on-site!


04 Sharing cutting-edge technology with authorities

Nearly 100 academicians and scholars, industry experts, government and enterprise leaders, opinion leaders and development geeks will be on the stage as speakers; They will share industry insights from the perspectives of smart city, vehicle transportation, spatial geography, industrial energy, chip engines, graphic evolution, platform technology, etc., analyze the value of technology landing and talk about the future of digital twin.


05 Shanghai witnesses the new peak of science and technology

September, Shanghai, among Huangpu River-training, exchanges, competitions, offline technology party for developers and geeks; all shared on the most relaxed communication vibe and direct opportunity of interchange,there are full of technical inspirations and cutting-edge Information with business opportunities.


Since the establishment of 51WORLD, the digital twin technology and platform have provided practical application value for nearly 1,000 government and enterprise customers,more than 100 cities. 51 WORLD has been accumulated and obtained a large number of digital twin product technologies, customer needs and market feedback.There is a clear awareness that constantly reminds us that whether it is the Earth Clone or the digital twin industry, without the joint efforts of everyone, the achievement of a great vision will not be accomplished. The Digital Twin PaaS platform launched on EC5 hopes to help thousands of industries as independently, efficiently and qualitatively acquire the digital twinning capability and realize digital upgrading.


Direction of the topic

Theme Conference

Keynote speech of Earth Clone 5: Open Platform Open World.
By Li Yi, Founder and CEO of 51WORLD

Technical Forum

【Graphics Evolution Technology Forum】

[Industry trend] interpretation of the development trend of digital twin bottom-level graphics technology
[Engine frontier] latest functions and practices of Unreal Engine5
[Technology deconstruction] dynamic simulation technology enables digital twin city to “live”
[Technical deconstruction] low code 3D cloud design, the fastest entry into the meta-universe

【PaaS Platform Technical Forum】

[Industry trend] interpretation of PaaS market status and development trends
[Platform frontier] loT PaaS cross-platform IOT application platform practice
[Technical deconstruction] multiple spatiotemporal data and Digital Twin PaaS Platform
[Technology deconstruction] urban data hub platform helps the development of urban brain
[Technical deconstruction] OSGB oblique photography data rapid application platform


Industry Forum

【Vehicle Traffic Forum】

[Traffic innovation] collaborative development of urban traffic big data cloud brain and vehicle and road
[Frontier exploration] intelligent high speed transportation solution and research and development practices
[Open source platform] 51Sim-One autonomous driving digital twin cloud 3.0 will be released
[Ecological application] simulation cloud platform accelerates the research and development of autonomous driving


【Smart City Forum】

[Standard guidance] interpretation of CIM maturity framework such as CIM1–7
[Scheme sharing] operation scheme of CDO city data assets
[Industry practice] the future growth of digital economy industry brain and digital twin
[Product deduction] a new generation of digital twin city operation platform under the PaaS mode

【Smart Park Forum】

[Standard Trend] release and interpretation of CIM+ smart park standard
[Product Release] new product release of digital twin smart park in 2021
[Ecological Application] typical application release of digital twin national venues
[Ecological Application] typical application release of digital twin future community
[Ecological Application] typical application release of digital twin technology real estate

【Prospective Industry Forum】

[Prospective Trend] how to upgrade the traditional industry quickly by using digital twin platform
[Prospective Benchmark] new scenarios of national application, digital twin empowers ice and snow industry
[Prospective Benchmark] new smart hub, digital twin helps smart port
[Digital Twin +] new business service application of blockchain and digital twin
[Digital Twin +] the technological entrance of meta-universe and digital twin






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