51WORLD’s Presence at UDIA 2022 NATIONAL CONGRESS 发布于2022-06-07

Invited by the Urban Development Institute of Australia (UDIA), 51WORLD participated in UDIA 2022 NATIONAL CONGRESS in May 25-26,2022 and demonstrated its leading digital twin technology and benchmark use cases, which has attracted a large number of attendees.

The conference, one of the most prestigious annual events for urban development industry in Australia, was hosted offline in Australia’s South Wales in May. It attracted over 2,500 local Australian companies and organizations in the fields of property development, urban construction, and digital twin, in which participants exchanged in-depth views on their latest products, technologies and solutions.The conference explores updates and breakthroughs in the urban development industry across Australia, providing authoritative guidance on architecture, digital real estate marketing, and smart city, etc. 

51WORLD was invited to attend this conference and Michael Tang presented a number of overseas benchmark projects such as Sanctuary by Sekisui House and Rhodes Central by Billbergia.As the overseas business leader of 51WORLD, Michael Tang explained in detail the capabilities and roles of digital twin in the planning, marketing, building, operation and management stages of the urban development.

"51WORLD is a global leading digital twin technology company, and its digital twin platform and solutions have been successfully applied by dozens of countries and regions around the world,” said Michael Tang, adding “built on its self-developed all element scene (AES), 51WORLD’s products such as the WDP digital twin PaaS platform, the 51SimOne autonomous driving simulation platform, and the 51MEET enterprise metaverse, have laid an innovative foundation for the global digitalization.”


▲Billbergia’s Staff at 51WORLD’s booth

Since its establishment in 2015, 51WORLD's overseas market has spanned across North America, Australia, Europe, Southeast Asia, and other regions, with benchmark projects implemented in nearly 100 cities such as Abu Dhabi, Dubai, London, Seattle, Singapore, Melbourne, Canberra, and Sydney, etc. Among them, the "Mirror Sydney" 51WORLD created with digital twin technology, can monitor, and manage the city's traffic dynamics, infrastructure, security and even air quality in real time, facilitating the smart operation of a digital Sydney.


镜像悉尼_可牛看图 (1).jpg

"Mirror Sydney" 

In 2019, cooperated with GEOCON, the largest property developer in Australia’s capital city Canberra, 51WORLD created a digital Canberra that virtually restored the city using the photo-realistic restoration technology. Based on the digital Canberra, we have integrated multiple projects for Geocon in one 3D city map to serve the sales and marketing function of their developments.   


数字堪培拉_可牛看图 (1).jpg

"Digital Canberra"

In the future, 51WORLD will continue its efforts in overseas market and consistently provide cutting-edge digital twin technology and services to global customers to empower their digital transformation.






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