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Industry-wide applications, rich scenarios

With the support of self-developed interactive 3D simulation scenes, the digital twin products and services of 51WORLD cover industries such as smart cities, parks, transportation, real estate, water affairs, ports, power, rail, and factories, providing continuous updates of all-element scenes which can be subject to other in-depth applications such as free construction, massive rendering, and secondary development.

Zero code development, quick start

PPT–style services setup reduces complicated developing procedures such as page construction and logical interaction into online visual configuration with simple clicking, selecting, and dragging. Developers can quickly build prototypes and simple applications with zero code or little code, and at the same time, support high-level WEB SDK integration for in-depth customization requirements and complex industrial development.

One-stop creation, multi-terminal compatibility

All-element scenes (AES) provide the base for digital twin scenes,  real-time cloud rendering(CLOUD), visualized panels developing ( SUPERGUI) and  interactive programming interfaces(SUPERAPI) invoking, which enable one-stop control, synchronous presentation of multiple terminals and trans-platforms adaption for procedures ranging from editing, building to digital twin applications.

Developer Plan 3.0

We sincerely invite you to join us to build a digital twin application ecosystem

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