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The 51Sim-One autonomous driving simulation test platform is applied to the research and development of common technologies of various automatic driving systems. It provides a safe and controllable all-element multi-level testing and evaluation technology support for intelligent decision control, complex environment perception, human-machine interaction and co-driving, vehicle-road coordination and network communication.


Cloud Simulation

Static Scene Simulation

Dynamic Scene Simulation

Sensor Simulation

V2X Simulation




Data Evaluation

51Sim-One 2.0 New Generation Full Process Simulation Test Platform

Super-large Scale, High Precision, High Authenticity

51Sim-One is an autonomous driving simulation and test platform independently developed by 51WORLD. It integrates static and dynamic data importing, test case editing, sensor simulation, vehicle dynamic simulation, visualization, testing and result playback, and virtual data set generation capabilities. The function module covers the whole process of the autonomous driving simulation test, which featuring running simulation in large scale, with high precision and authenticity. With the native support of a flexible and expendable distributed architecture that could run parallel simulation, 51Sim-One can be deployed on both single devices, and private /public cloud environment.


General Standards, First Interactive Editing Process, WYSIWYG


Multi-sensor Virtual Annotation Data Set

Our data set based on 51Sim-One with high quality and diversified simulation scenes, along with the support of camera, Lidar and millimeter wave radar simulation data sets, can effectively upgrad the testing and training algorithms for sensor fusion.

Automatic Driving Perception, Decision Making and Control Algorithm Training

It integrates road and scene simulation, traffic and agent simulation, multi-sensor simulation, vehicle dynamics simulation, perception and decision-making simulation, parallel calculation acceleration and other functions, and can meet the training requirements for any algorithm.

World Editor

Unique HD Map editing tools supports OpenDRIVE fromat


Driving Simulation Platform and Multi-vehicle Interaction System

Vividly and intuitively understand the concept of ADAS / autonomous driving technology, and switch freely between autonomous driving and manual driving.


Virtual Simulation Scene Library and Autonomous Driving Digital Twin Evaluation

High precision 3D modeling visualization and high-fidelity static scene digitization, creating a dynamic comprehensive evaluation system under the new technology and application scenarios.

Hardware-In-loop and Sensor Simulation and Test

Provides a variety of sensor hardware-in-loop test solutions for camera and radar, and provides a test platform for monitoring the performance of camera recognition algorithm.




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