The 51WORLD digital twin city operating system promotes the digitization, virtualization, real-time and visualization of all-element of the city through the city-level data closed-loop empowerment system, fully maps the real city, and realizes the fine management of the city.


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Smart City Command Center, Jiangbei New District, Nanjing

Relying on the 51WORLD digital template construction technology, Nanjing Jiangbei New District CBD Smart City Command Center restored the 25.4 square kilometers area of the central business district with a large scene, and presented the key areas in detail, depicted the whole picture of the city and deduced the future of the city. At the same time, it combined with 5G network and NB-IOT, and integrated BIM and digital image AI technology to realize "global perception, data sharing, cross command and accurate feedback" in the business district.

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City Super Brain in Tongling, Anhui

Tongling City Superbrain takes how to improve the modernization, intelligence and scientific level of governance ability as the core goal of smart city construction, and explores the deepening application points of artificial intelligence and digital twin technology in the field of urban fine management. It covers 27 smart scenes in six categories, including urban management, community governance, key safety, livelihood services, ecological and environmental protection, and macro decision-making.

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Hefei Swan Lake Smart Government Affairs System

Based on the "one map" of urban data, Anhui Hefei Swan Lake Smart Government System breaks through the data island, solves the difficulties of "information resource sharing, network system intercommunication and business processing coordination" commonly existing in the construction and application of e-government, improves the efficiency of government work, makes the government's decision-making more scientific and reasonable, and creates a scientific path for the construction of digital government.

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Digital twin platform of JD

The platform constructs the data security, operation and maintenance, management and asset system to realize the digitization and twinning of city all-elements; realizes real-time integration and data symbiosis, global data governance and fusion applications through city global data perception; forms the ability of intelligent decision support by mining the deep value of data; builds data service ecology and the core competitiveness of digital city.

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Haidian "City Brain"

The "Urban Brain" of Haidian is built in accordance with the "1+1+2+N" architecture model. "One Perception Network" is supported by more than 12,000 cameras on the network and more than 10,000 sensors in the entire region; "One Time and Space Map" gathers 249 thematic map data of the entire region, including basic geography, administrative divisions, 2D&3D maps, and about 170,000 buildings, as well as urban components, etc.; the big data center gathers government affairs data, Internet of Things data, Internet data, and social resource data, and is currently connected to the entire region; AI computing center can perform intelligent analysis and processing of various data, and provide Intelligent analysis service and recognition results.

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