51WORLD Digital Twin Energy Platform creates a comprehensive portfolio for all participants of the energy sector including electrical grid, mountain mine, and oil & gas. We bring power intelligence to achieve lifecycle management hence the stablility of the energy transmission.

智慧能源管理 智慧能源管理

Information Value Loop

Real-space Calibration

Asset Bank

Real-time Emergency Response

Accurate Projection

Operational Excellence


Digital Twin Smart Urban Power Supply Platform

Comprehensive Management: Data silos break-down and Multiple sourced data terminals integration;
Three-dimensional Display: No limitation on two-dimensional space;
Intelligent Operations System: Instantaneous fault detection and precise positioning;
Unmanned Inspection: Easier management and more efficient response


Digital Twin Wind Farm

Flexible power intelligence: Visualise data of wind power and environmental information and take full advantage of renewable energy;
Reliable data integration: Manage all stages from power generation to transmission; Monitor wind turbine equipment status and electric fences; Pave your way to smooth, cost-effective and long-term operations

Digital Twin Electrical Power Transmission Platform

Three-dimensional Display: Exhibit electric power transmission in the whole area virtually;
Real-time Monitoring: Detect surrounding environmental information and ensure the grid system stability;
Unmanned Inspection: Easier management and more efficient response


Digital Twin Urban Electrical Power Distribution Management Platform

Based on AES urban electrical power distribution management platform, we helped clients realise real-time control and management of equipment in the station by integrating multiple data sources. Other than that, any emergencies could be responded and handled in real time, which exposed hidden threats in the system.

Digital Twin Smart Grid of Tangshan

This digital platform provides all-element management and real-time emergency response to deploy safety and security threat detection,thus stabilising the grids and the critical infrastructure.


Digital Twin Smart Mine

Three-dimensional Display: Visualise scenes and asset;
Instantaneous Precise Positioning: Break the barriers of time and space;
Unmanned Ground Vehicle (UGV) training: Improve mining productivity;
Automatic Scene Update: Control all-stage of minging procedures




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