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By assimilating data of production and operation, the 51WORLD digital twin port platform is able to deliver an intelligent port with whole-cycle operation and management, which significantly sharpens the competitive edge, and accelerates the integration of the port into a larger ecosystem. At present, the digital twin port platform can empower multiple types of freight ports of containers, bulk cargo, oil and chemicals. Representative cases include: Haixing Port of Containers in Shenzhen, Tianjin Coal Port, and an oil port in eastern China.

The 51WORLD digital twin power platform supports the GIM standard and leaves open data-driven generation tools of the power industry. It covers whole process of energy management from power generation, transformation, transmission, and distribution, ensuring smooth running of the power industry. Representative cases include: digital twin wind power platform, digitalized management platform of urban power supply, Tangshan power distribution station, etc.

51WORLD smart factory is committed to building a smart platform for comprehensive management. It makes digital twin scenarios of the factory with the support of AES and smart interconnection, which facilitates the upgrade of the manufacturing industry to a great extent. The integration of data and models are the core of industrial digital twins. By building accurate digital mappings of physical objects (including assets, behaviors, processes, etc.) in the digital space in real time, the platform delivers the best decision after analysis and prediction, realizing closed-loop optimization of the whole industrial process. At present, smart factory cases have covered multiple sub-industries in process industry, discrete industry, and mixed industry.

51WORLD Digital Twin Energy Platform creates a comprehensive portfolio for all participants of the energy sector including electrical grid, mountain mine, and oil & gas. We bring power intelligence to achieve lifecycle management hence the stablility of the energy transmission.

智慧能源管理 智慧能源管理
Smart Port

Digital Twin Port of MCT&HCT in Shenzhen

51WORLD and China Merchants Holdings (International) Information Technology Company Limited (CMHIT) generated a Digital Twin Port, which pioneered in the dynamic data sources driven by real-time operation data based on AES and lifecycle simulation in the industry. Most importantly, clients could monitor all stages of the operation procedures, thus making fast strategic decisions.


Digital Twin Smart Urban Power Supply Platform

Comprehensive Management: Data silos break-down and Multiple sourced data terminals integration;
Three-dimensional Display: No limitation on two-dimensional space;
Intelligent Operations System: Instantaneous fault detection and precise positioning;
Unmanned Inspection: Easier management and more efficient response


Digital Twin Wind Farm

Flexible power intelligence: Visualise data of wind power and environmental information and take full advantage of renewable energy;
Reliable data integration: Manage all stages from power generation to transmission; Monitor wind turbine equipment status and electric fences; Pave your way to smooth, cost-effective and long-term operations

Smart Factory

A Chemical Plant in Central China

51WORLD built a Digital Twin Factory for a chemical plant in Central China and upgraded its comprehensive digital management of security, equipment and energy consumption. This platform collaborates with IoT data, connects with various terminal systems seamlessly, monitors the lifecycle of manufacturing procedures in a digital way, which enables the transition to a more sustainable factory.




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