Smart Factory

Cooperative consultation

51WORLD smart factory is committed to building a Digital Twin integrated management platform. Based on AES and smart interconnection, we carry out all-elements Digital Twin for factories to achieve sustainablility and digitalisation thus creating an intelligent factory management system.

智慧工厂平台 智慧工厂平台

Security Monitoring

Equipment Troubleshooting

Production Efficiency Management

Energy Monitoring

Department Collaboration

Decision Assistance


2025 Intelligent Manufacturing Factory

51WORLD focuses on revolutionary change to improve efficiency. Based on AES and IoT, we established an all-stage monitoring and management platform to assist on continuous innovation and digitalisation. Using this comprehensive management platform, our client could have an access to significant improvement of synergy efficiency and transparency in assembly processes. Moreover, past cases enable predictive maintenance, reduces downtime, and facilitates digital reform.


A Chemical Plant in Central China

51WORLD built a Digital Twin Factory for a chemical plant in Central China and upgraded its comprehensive digital management of security, equipment and energy consumption. This platform collaborates with IoT data, connects with various terminal systems seamlessly, monitors the lifecycle of manufacturing procedures in a digital way, which enables the transition to a more sustainable factory.




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