The 51WORLD digital twin park platform provides a new impetus for the digital transformation of the pan-park industry, covering the all- lifecycle of the park from initial planning, marketing display, construction supervision, and property operation.

All-element Expression

All-data fusion display

All-lifecycle coverage

All-situation IoT perception

Enterprise Campus

Enterprise Park - Huawei Global Headquarters Bantian Park IOC-MAX

Huawei Bantian Headquarters is located in Bantian Street, Longgang District, Shenzhen, covering an area of about 21.9 square kilometers. Banxuegang District, which belongs to the central comprehensive group, is an important part of Shenzhen High-tech Industrial Belt. 51WORLD creates an overall framework-level application through the integration of digital twin technology and IOC business, including comprehensive situation, comprehensive security, convenient transportation, asset management, energy efficiency management, facility management, environmental space, intelligent early warning and other modules.

Cultural tourism scenic spot

Weiguang Huitong's Cultural tourism town platform

Weiguang Huitong is committed to the three major business segments: the development of cultural and tourism ancient town, operation and management of cultural and tourism ancient town and the urban commercial complex. 51WORLD empowers the smart operation and management of cultural and tourism towns by building a digital twin platform, which not only highly restores the town style, residents’ lives, historical relics, culture and art, ethnic customs and material production, but also presents the operation and management of the town visually.

Smart building

Zhongrui OWELL building

Zhongrui OWELL Building is located in Daxing District, Beijing. It implements the concept of green, smart and healthy office and the concept of humanistic care for employees. 51WORLD seamlessly connects data and physical space through digital twin technology, and strictly implements the core 5A standards of smart buildings (Communication Automation (CA), Building Automation (BA), Office Automation (OA), Fire Automation (FA) and Security Automation(SA)), so as to achieve "cost reduction and efficiency enhancement, science and technology humanity", and become a model of smart and healthy office.

Smart community

Tongzhou MegaHall MOMA

MegaHall MOMA is located in the core area of Tongzhou District, Beijing. 51WORLD empowers the life style of residents with smart community service. By using various intelligent technologies, it integrates all kinds of existing community service resources, and provides a variety of convenient service modes for the community, such as government affairs, business, entertainment, education, medical care and life mutual assistance. It integrates 51WORLD's digital twin with the new generation of information technologies such as the Internet of Things, cloud computing and mobile Internet to provide a safe, comfortable and convenient modern and smart living environment for the community residents.




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