51WORLD Digital Twin Port focuses on operational improvement by integrating diverse sources of data from all stages of lifecycle, assists port authorities in establishing a shipping-industry ecosystem by implementing this platform.


All-element Expression

All-Lifecycle Coverage

All-situation Perception

Dynamic Simulation

Practice& Prediction

Business Collaboration


Digital Twin Port of MCT&HCT in Shenzhen

51WORLD and China Merchants Holdings (International) Information Technology Company Limited (CMHIT) generated a Digital Twin Port, which pioneered in the dynamic data sources driven by real-time operation data based on AES and lifecycle simulation in the industry. Most importantly, clients could monitor all stages of the operation procedures, thus making fast strategic decisions.

Coal Terminal in North China

51WORLD succeeded in creating a Digital Twin of a Coal Terminal which sought digital transformation and environmental sustainability in North China. This product launched an operational and management simulation platform, which covers all stages from arrival to departure, to achieve Sustainability Transition, Carbon Neutrality, Safety & Efficiency, and Business Collaboration.

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