Smart Rail Transportation

Cooperative consultation

51WORLD Digital Twin Rail Transporation is driven by operation mode and simulation mode based on the same AES archietecture. This platform enables administrator to monitor operational activities detected by IoT in real-time. By initialising simulation mode, the authority could examine operational efficiency, predict possible maintenance and then improve system safety.

智慧轨道运营 智慧轨道运营

Mirror World

Situational Awareness

Real-time Surveillance

Quick Emergency Response

Operations Collaboration

Cloud Simulation


Changsha Wuyi Square Station

51WORLD established a mirror world served as an intelligent assistant system for underground control in Changsha. This platform which supports the overall digital strategies and cloud simulation services, can trigger alarms as soon as a malfunction occurs,and analysis of the data can help predict and initiate repairs before a catastrophic event occurs.


Passenger Flow Simulation Platform

The platform uses public clouds to prepare simulation-assisted estimation based on Social Force Model, which practices and predicts passenger flow thus eliminating any potential hazards. Therefore, these results provide operators with convenient, efficient, genuine simulation-based proofs for management hence more authentic decision-making.




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