From urban strategic layout to accurate real estate display, real estate project all-cycle service; online and offline project deduction, customer expansion, follow-up transformation; project operation control center upgrade.


Shanxi Taiyuan MOMA

51WORLD truly restores the city scene through digital twin, and easily realizes the multi-real estate linkage in the sale of real estate; Through the model import, rendering output, it can completely twin real estate details; preview the future environment through real-time digital roaming; demonstrate the green experience brought by technological housing through craftsmanship.

Xi'an, Zhonghai Universe World

It uses digital twin technology to restore the digital template of provincial and municipal administrative regions, and cooperates with the marketing process and document content to explain and analyze the city's administrative planning, geographical environment, and traffic radiation in depth, and it uses digital twins to introduce the city's appearance in depth, including human history description, economic data and development data, etc., so as to show city's development policies and depict the city's layout of the project area.

数字沙盘 数字沙盘

Digital sand table pin tool

智慧案场 智慧案场

Wisdom case field to expand customer drainage

数字孪生运营 数字孪生运营

Smart operation can be achieved at one touch

Full scene, whole process, full terminal




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