Smart Waterworks

Cooperative consultation

51WORLD digital twin water service platform aims at the three business forms of ecological governance, water conservancy facilities and urban water supply and drainage, assist the "one map" system management of natural water system and urban water pipe network.

Business form

Ecological governance

Prevention and control of pollution sources
Water environment detection
Flood control and disaster prevention plan

Water conservancy facilities

Dynamic restore
Accurate twin
Reverse Control

Urban water supply and drainage

Pipe network perspective
Equipment maintenance
Location monitoring
Product Highlights
数字孪生水利 数字孪生水利

River Quality Monitoring

数字化巡检 数字化巡检

Inspection and maintenance

数字孪生水务 数字孪生水务

Pollution diffusion analysis

水质模拟 水质模拟

Lake water quality inversion

工厂耗能分析 工厂耗能分析

Energy consumption analysis of the plant

淹没模拟 淹没模拟

Submergence simulation


Water Conservancy Regulation




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