Smart Transport

Cooperative consultation
Car Networking V2X Cloud Control Platform

The digital twin cloud control platform created for intelligent networking vehicles is a comprehensive management support platform for smart transportation. It can realize strong coupling of human-vehicle-road-cloud and data interconnection, provide safe and reliable planning decision for auxiliary driving and automatic driving, and improve driving safety and traffic efficiency.

Unified access

High definition digital base map

Facility perception fusion

Data management

Test evaluation

Traffic Microscopic Simulation Visualization Platform

The digital twin visualization and interaction system "one map" of microscopic traffic simulation can reproduce the meso and micro traffic flow operation process, support the research and development of traffic simulation decision algorithm, provide reliable tools for traffic flow problems such as congestion tracing, and provide reliable decision-making basis for managers.

Automatic generation of road network

High definition digital base map

Heterogeneous data import

Simulation visualization

User interaction function

Smart networking vehicle test supervision platform

The platform includes the functions of data fusion and docking, infrastructure cloud platform, big data center, test business supervision and management. It can build a standardized, systematic and intelligent network service application display center and supervision and management operation center, actively and automatically predict and identify risks, so as to minimize the operation safety risks.

Data development
Service interworking

Security supervision
Data Fusion

Real time mapping
accurate perception

Simulation test
cloud collaboration

Data interconnection
real time synchronization




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