All Element Scenes (AES) is the core product of 51WORLD. AES is based on real geographic information, which integrates various elements of the physical world. Interactive 3D simulation scenes generated through computer real-time rendering can be widely used in all industries that require digital twins technology.

Six Features of AES 2021


Supports super large city clusters, super large scale seamless scaling global scale restoration

More Refined

Support centimeter-level restoration, full support for 4K. It is difficult to distinguish the real from the naked eye

More Lively

Support human and vehicle dynamic simulation, new dynamic weather system. Fully synchronize real-world data, trajectories and physical mechanisms

Easy to Use

Interaction revolves around application scenarios, immersive and smooth. Compatible with multiple terminals, deploys and uses multiple terminals at one time. Deployment and maintenance are highly automated, simple and convenient

High reliability

Fully support software nationalization, full life cycle security development management, cloud deployment and data security system 7 * 24 hours continuous service

High Expansion

Data layering and multi-layer decoupling business architecture, flexibly adapting to different needs, supporting flexible service expansion and hot update, adapting to a large number of different data interface rich secondary development framework

Urban skeleton application cities (part)

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